Optimal dpi for csgo

Optimal dpi for csgo cs go 777 Its not a huge difference, but it is noticable and to make it even worse, some mice have more acceleration then others. We learned kptimal CS GO is al about consistency, well you can do everything right and at the and some stupid thing like this can cost you and your team a win. Samsung EVO GB.

Sapphire HD 2GiB. Do about dpi with mhz polling can turn in two turns, it kills my wrist but my aim is damn near perfect. SKILL Ares CL9. Playing with high sensitivity flr like giving yourself a handicap. Keep this disables or your FPS will take a massive hit. As for seeing pixels, I sit too close: It takes me probably less than half a second to take a second swipe to look at window.

some people like low sense, some high. there is no "tutorial" to show, and just copying it from your favorite Pro Player is not the best idea too. just play around with the settings, go on aim maps and find out what fits your playstyle best. dpi is optimal to get global in no time. Lets take cs go as example, the Windows sensitivity is at 6/ At DPI your in-game sensitivity should range from about – Now – smaller changes can be called preference, but fact is, that new players usually start at up to or even higher. I read that the horizontal FOV for resolutions is on CS GO. These are my current settings. dpi sensitivity 6 window bars. So my question is how much dpi do I need to avoid pixel skipping on x? Also will zooming in with awp effect pixel skipping aswell???