Counter strike global offensive operation payback

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XM Leone 12 Gauge Super MAG-7 Nova Sawed-Off. This map is overall a decent map but has some very strange angles that make it feel a little unpolished. Read more about buy orders. Downtown HFavela DLibrary DMotel HMuseum HSeaside DThunder H. So stay tuned, keep mapmaking, and keep upvoting! We really wanted these maps to reach a wider audience, and also get the people making these amazing new gameplay experiences rewarded for their efforts Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

Counter - Strike: Global Offensive ’s community-led ‘ Operation Payback ’ incentive has been extended by developer Valve, in a bid to search and pay creators for the best custom maps. Operation Payback will be available until July 31, , costing $ and can be purchased through the Counter - Strike: Global Offensive main menu or on the Steam Market. “ Operation Payback ” marks the first of an ongoing series of limited-time updates aimed at giving a well-earned financial reward to some of CS:GO’s most popular and prolific mapmakers. For a limited time, you can buy a pass half-priced for $.